Customized Enterprise Integration

Many companies are utilizing legacy systems that have become out-dated and fragile, and are inflexible to changing business models as a result. Preserving these legacy systems is tedious and can prove ineffective for your company’s changing needs. To continue growth and accessibility in this changing world, it’s important to build systems that are scalable and offer the best way for your users to access information. Enterprise integration works to combine processes, systems, and technologies with the intent of optimization to enable the ability for your customers, vendors, and partners to make quick and informed decisions in lieu of any perceived obstacles or opportunities.


Setting goals to be able to timely identify information, provide relevant and correct information, perform real-time updates to information, and coordinate business processes will optimize your enterprise integration and allow it to adapt to your enterprise models as you grow in size and complexity. Availability of information in real-time allows it to be accessible for support, monitoring, and control, and it requires more than the newest business information to stay relevant, encompassing information accumulated as new legislations, customer opinions, and new technologies emerge. Ayoka enterprise integration services will help you achieve these goals by providing agile, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) that integrates existing assets and providing standards-based services that allow you to automate, reuse, re-purpose and share processes across your entire network regardless of client systems and languages. Integration also ensures ongoing compliance with governmental and industry-mandated regulations and streamlines workforce resources across disparate environments. In addition to reducing IT costs, enterprise integrations enhance productivity and improve time-to-market of services.

Making the decision to integrate your enterprise’s processes, systems, and technologies to enable mobile or remote accessibility can allow you to build on your company’s existing assets while reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of out-of-the-box solutions. With Ayoka, you can be sure that your integration will be cross-platform compatible and mobile friendly to allow for optimal accessibility of your company’s data as you see fit, resulting in greater interaction between customers, vendors, partners and entire business divisions.