MMI and InTouch™

MMI Internetworking is a division of MMI Incorporated, a highly successful private label wholesale brokerage firm. MMI-Internetworking developed the InTouch™ software to facilitate the interaction of local governments and agencies with the people they serve, bringing services to citizens and efficiency to municipalities.

Software development technologies include Java, Jakarta / Apache Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Groovy on Grails, Oracle, MS SQL Server, and MySQL. Ayoka has enjoyed a multi-year relationship with MMI-Internetworking to deliver a number of projects, ranging from ERP data exchange to e-government products, including a CRM (customer relationship management) package, Code Enforcement application, and Work Order management application.

Agile development methods were used to promote collaboration and rapid software development for project participants, including folks in marketing, customer support staff, and select users from City governments.  Ayoka provides ongoing support for MMI and its customers.

“We originally planned to use them for heavy coding and testing. Now we’re using them on an ongoing basis. They design and develop all our new products and new features for our products.”
– Paul Nichols, Vice-President MMI Internetworking