Why Do Development Projects Fail?

Development projects fail too often. They get out of scope, out of time, and out of budget.
why do development projects fail
Admit it, as a client, you’re ready to see your goal actualized. You want to get your brand off the ground, and you have high expectations. Some companies gladly bite off more than they can chew in hopes of gaining experience, portfolio exposure and expansion, and the check at the end of the long project ahead. Development groups need to understand and work with the competence they have allowed themselves through their employees, instead of professing to be the ‘diamonds in the rough.’ But how many companies can truly pick and choose which company projects to take on to save face? Usually only large companies can exercise that kind of discretion, and those companies my have a large price tag, and/or not very customizable bundles that don’t meet your company’s needs and goals.

What the nation saw when healthcare.gov made its launch was a conglomerate of issues that shed light on the development and testing processes that were improperly executed. Cutting corners with Agile Methodologies, the healthcare.gov team cut sprints short and testing took a back seat in lieu of a mandatory and imminent launch date. Unanswered questions from developers that went unnoticed by the client didn’t help to execute the site either. One devleoper/tester, Ben Simo, noted many security flaws in the code that would easily compromise the personal information of any user that signed up on the site, but it was overlooked by the majority. Just like that, a concise goal grew from a simple model into a unmanageable beast, ready to go live for America to utilize on a very large scale.

At Ayoka, we run our projects like a military operation and accomplish the mission, but take intense care, consideration, and pride into our work as a service to you. Our development services emphasize local, hands-on interaction with team members that visit your organization, meet in person, and talk to your end-users. This level of customer service is the foundation of Ayoka’s custom application development services. Incremental testing is imperative and an understanding of the scope of the project from start to finish really helps to take a project from an idea to a completed product that everyone can be proud of.