Tracking Quality and Costs in Health Care

As with most everything in today’s enterprise, data is needed to get an understanding of costs and quality. A lack of understanding and access to robust IT infrastructures that support and track interventions along with reporting analytics to monitor initiatives adds to the challenges that health care providers face, but creating these systems with a custom software development partner and tailoring these core functionalities to your needs will prove a great return on investment.

Antibiotic utilization can be tracked by drug and clinical software applications from desktops and mobile while adhering to governmental regulations with the goal of limiting their use in both inpatient and outpatient settings, which is increasingly important given how often these drugs are inappropriately prescribed. Ayoka’s experience in custom software development for health care companies have been able to offer real-time data and open communication lines between medical and pharmaceutical staff, while complying with HIPAA and other regulations to avoid misappropriation. Having this information in real-time is enabling pharmacy directors, proving that there’s a better way to stay connected and manage information through data among separate locations and different staff. Together we are improving the flow of information across the system so everyone is working from the same playbook. Software has a paramount role to play in reducing readmissions and in managing chronic diseases, which affects nearly half of the American population and often involves the administration of two or more drugs.

Leading providers of both inpatient and outpatient pharmacy management and consulting services to hundreds of hospitals in America are aware that pharmacy is driving 10-15% of their expenses, and they are excited by the new ability of having key performance metrics for pharmacy in real-time with the help of evidence-based management. New, innovative, health care companies are including pharmacies and pharmacists in their long-term plans regarding hospitals and health systems to improve the accessibility and quality of care. There has been a sudden growth of interest and need for action among large health systems that manage both hospitals and pharmacies, and health care companies need help to work through the benefits of leveraging pharmacy across the continuum of care to improve quality, reduce costs and even become a profit center by opening hospital-branded pharmacies.

By combining the efforts of seemingly disparate pharmacies and health systems with custom software, these facilities can generate additional revenue, improve outcomes post-discharge by reducing readmissions and reduce hospital employee benefit drug costs. Serving clients through close collaboration is our goal at Ayoka, a Texas software development company. Call us today at 817-210-4042 to experience true service in enterprise application development!