Ayoka Provides Custom Apps for Web and Mobile as Windows 10 Development Expands

In an effort to push Microsoft’s Windows 10 accessibility from desktops to mobile devices, Microsoft announced their anticipated new developer tool suite during last week’s Microsoft’s Build 2015 that will enable custom software developers for both mobile and desktop to move or modify applications from Apple devices and Google’s Android devices onto Windows devices with ease.

Windows 10 Application Development

Microsoft’s goal is to make web application development faster and easier and it is apparent in the porting process that will be as simple as right clicking an existing project and selecting the target platform, and with this new tool suite available to software developers, they will be able to easily optimize their existing applications running on Android and iOS. The Windows Store will soon enjoy more native applications that are enjoyed by both enterprises and consumers, increasing accessibility and return on investment. This move, coupled with their offer to upgrade to Windows 10 will help them achieve their goal of running on 1 billion devices by 2018.

To build these cross-platform compatible applications, Microsoft provides its enterprise application development platform for building connected systems based on the popular .NET Framework. Custom software developers will be able to take full advantage of integrated cloud-based services, adaptive UX controls, gesture tracking, voice commands, and more! As a Microsoft Partner, we at Ayoka provide custom software development for web and mobile application development services that are optimized to function across platforms, along with database development and integration services with .NET and other open-source APIs.

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