New Year, New Software Upgrades

2019 is underway. Did you set any resolutions for your company? Maybe you set goals to increase revenue, grow your business, or make new hires. Now that March has almost arrived, have you started achieving some of those goals? If not, think about why you’re having trouble. Could it be your software? If your software has held you back from growing your business, then it’s time to make some upgrades. Below, we’ve listed just a few of the reasons to consider software upgrades in 2019. Take a look at the list, and then talk to Ayoka about your software needs.

Save Time and Money

First of all, new software can save you time and money in the long run. Software upgrades will help you boost productivity. When you’re dealing with slow, buggy software, you spend a good chunk of your workday overcoming those issues. Your software takes up far more of your time than it should. Shouldn’t you dedicate that time to running your company and serving your clients? With upgraded software, you can.

You’ll also boost your team’s productivity by boosting their morale. Slow software can drag down your team. Software problems can make your employees frustrated, which brings down the company. When you upgrade your software, you make your employees happy, which boosts productivity and ultimately saves time. All of this productivity will ultimately save money. Better work days mean better revenue.

Cloud Computing and Other Advances

In the last several years, cloud computing has gotten a lot more advanced. Unfortunately, your old software may not be able to keep up. On the other hand, our recent upgrades make it easier for you to use everything the cloud has to offer. For example, consider the maturity of cloud computing platforms from Amazon Web Services to Microsoft Azure. This change can increase your scalability. It also reduces your cloud system’s dependency on internal IT staff for maintenance.

New software will help you embrace other advances, too. For example, new programs for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are available now. In the past few years alone, technology has grown exponentially. What could your business do with these new capabilities? What other capabilities could your software use right now?

Correct Specific Issues

Software upgrades can also correct problems that came from your previous software. We always recommend regular updates to fix certain bugs and problems. After a certain point, the best way to fix major issues is to get a full upgrade instead. Like we said, those bugs and other issues slow down your system and make your life difficult. One issue that comes up often is data security. Your current software could leave your data vulnerable to hackers and other security threats. A software upgrade can help you protect that data.

Outpace Your Competition

How does your software stack up against your competition’s software? If you’re not sure, ask yourself how well you’ve been serving your clients recently. Have you noticed any setbacks? Do you have room for improvement? Better software often means better customer service. The added speed and agility mean that you can provide the best for your clients. Better customer service, of course, means happier customers. The business world is highly competitive. Make sure that you’re the one providing this customer service. Otherwise, your clients might run to your competition. If you’re competing with someone who has better software than you, you’re hurting your company.

Legacy Systems

Are you still working with a legacy system? Then it’s probably time for an upgrade. Legacy hardware can leave you with all sorts of problems. If you replace legacy hardware, however, you’re going to need new software. Of course, the most current hardware will work best with the most current software. You can get your new system started on the right foot. Use the best software for the smoothest, fastest transition process. You’ll notice a major difference in your work day immediately. If you do stick with parts of your legacy system, you may be able to find new software solutions that can help you make it work. Talk to a software engineer about your specific needs and situation.

Custom Solutions

If you want software upgrades in 2019, then now is the perfect time to pursue custom solutions. Custom solutions make the best software upgrades. If you’ve been using standardized software, why not move on to something better this year? You can have your team build software that will fit your company perfectly.

Software Upgrades

Ready for the perfect custom software upgrades? That’s where Ayoka comes in. We’re here to develop your company’s best software solutions. You let us know what you need, and we’ll make it happen. Once we deploy your software, you’ll take your company to new heights. Let’s start with your consultation. Contact us today, and we’ll start a conversation about your software need.