Ayoka Systems Introduces “Rented Custom Software”

Ayoka Systems has announced the launch of a new monthly subscription billing model for custom software development. At a time when more businesses are shifting their purchases from CapEx to OpEx, rented custom software is an attractive concept. This elimination of high initial costs opens the door for more small to midsize businesses to lease purpose-built software that truly meets their needs. 

Rented Custom Software Delivers Competitive Advantage for More Businesses

Chad King, Vice President at Ayoka Systems, spoke about the gap that rented custom software fills in the market. “Off-the-shelf software never fits quite right, and it’s not OK to have to change your business processes and best practices to force things to work. But for many companies, having to put down a sizable investment to build custom software has just not been workable. Leasing custom-developed software is a way we can serve businesses with a smaller budget that still want to conquer the status quo and leapfrog the competition.”

John O’Brien, COO of C.G. Laboratories, became an early adopter of this new model. He shared about his experience in a recent interview. “The lease comes with configuration management support, which is reassuring. If something comes up and we need to change anything, we have professionals who designed it and who operate it that can make these changes very quickly. We don’t have to go hire someone to come in and change our source code. We just call Ayoka and ask for what we need. The flexibility built into the lease was a key selling point for us.”

What Makes a Leased Custom Software Model Possible?

Ayoka’s 100% in-house team has a focus on helping companies manage real-time operations. Over the past two decades, they have solved the same types of problems for a wide range of businesses by building highly programmable software that is designed to be readily customizable. This makes it possible to take on the initial cost and risk of developing new technology for clients. Business owners can then pay for the software on a subscription basis instead of as a capital expense. 

Why would a custom software development company break with tradition and subsidize the upfront investment for clients to get new technology? As a Marine founded and led organization, Ayoka focuses on ‘Commander’s Intent’ which means understanding the true goal of leadership and doing whatever it takes to achieve success. 

According to Ayoka CEO, Eknauth Persaud, “Our goal is to build what business leaders need, not just what they know to ask for. That also means we are proactive in helping them accomplish their goals in budgeting for new technology. Our clients don’t actually want to own and manage software. They want to solve complex operational problems and make their business run the way it should, without compromise.” 

With a solid track record of client success from strategy and design to long-term support, Ayoka’s rented custom software option makes sense. The new model simply makes it possible for businesses to start with custom development immediately instead of waiting for budget to be available. In Chad’s words. “We build the software, secure it, maintain it, update it, and add new features over time. Our clients get to lease it for an affordable monthly fee. Everyone wins.”

Learn about Rented Custom Software from Ayoka Here