Chromecast + Why I Want Google in The Cable Game in 2014

With the unveiling of the DirecTv/AT&T and the Comcast/Time Warner Cable mergers and their attempts to captivate the consumers of television and Internet here in the US, Google is taking this time to refine their existing services.

Google’s Chromecast compliments their existing GoogleTv service by providing a router to watch online content on their TV without a new TV, new remotes or interfaces. Chromecast is already available through Google Play and authorized Google Chromecast retailers in North America and Europe, it’s rolling out through Asia-Pacific with Japan as its latest endeavor. Combining your devices with your television or desktop/laptop to create a special multi-screen experience, I believe, is what a typical consumer would willingly integrate into their daily life. While content is playing on a TV, a user can multitask on their device without interrupting the video playback. For example, a user can search for a video on their phone’s YouTube application and then send the video to their TV via a Google Cast device. The user can play, pause, seek, and control volume using their phone, they can search for other videos to watch, and even check their email while the content keeps playing on the TV. Chromecast is compatible on Andriod and iOS mobile platforms along with Chrome, Apple, and Windows operating systems. With wi-fi access, you can also play Chromecast away from home and you also have the ability for multiple users to connect to the Chromecast just by using Chromecast-supported apps and being a part of your wifi network!

What’s more is that Google is open to suggestions and comments about its services, and is even offering a Developer’s Guide in hopes of developers taking the reins and ‘casting’ their applications through the service! They offer components relevant to the platform they wish to develop in, as well as instructions on how to get set up for development. I think that this plus the growing Google Fiber excitement will definitely give the cable companies a run for their money!