Why Custom Software Providers are a Resource for IT

CTOs, CIOs and other IT decision-makers are turning to custom software providers to build new software that is tailored to their specific business needs. Custom software developers perform much needed tasks that contribute to a company’s core competencies such as systems integration, IT outsourcing, and business process outsourcing, along with offering software and hardware support. The necessity for the optimization of the processes that make up the business ecosystem has been the driving force behind IT services and custom solutions. In a survey conducted by Forrester Consulting for Thoughtworks called, “Driving Innovation Using the Right Skills: The Value of Custom Software Development,” a trend emerged that illustrated that while enterprises need adept software developers, they are really looking for a strategic partner with whom they can achieve their business goals.

Craig Gorsline, president and Chief Operating Officer at ThoughtWorks stated that “Business and IT leaders are under pressure to deliver a continuous stream of standout digital experiences.” As a company, you’re ready to see your development goals actualized. You want to get your brand off the ground, and you have high expectations. When asked, 82% of the survey respondents stated that custom software meets their business needs better than packaged IT tools. CIOs and CTOs are the most dependable and influential team members in a company. About half of the respondents feel that custom software would be beneficial-but they are lacking the time and skills to do it in-house, so they use their technological prowess to scope out the best custom software development company to hire-and they are willing to pay a premium for advanced software capabilities. While about 25% are looking for knowledge of agile developmental practices in a custom app development provider and 22% seek user interface design skills, over half of the respondents wanted a company who is experienced in both development and familiar with the industry they work in.

Making the jump towards building a custom application, performing integration, or rebuilding a legacy system for your business will prove to make work more effective and increase productivity, but getting into a project with a development group that doesn’t understand your company can bottleneck productivity or even grind progress to a halt. Companies like Facebook have achieved success by utilizing purpose-built, custom software that is centric on their current and anticipated business objectives. Choosing a development group that has the prowess, the manpower, and the personable ability to meet with your company in-person to take time to listen and understand your company’s unique needs is what will move your project through its iterations with ease. Forbes advocates making the jump to a customized software solution, stating that “custom software is well worth the resources it requires if you are hoping to build a business of meaningful scale.”

The biggest challenge in picking a custom software development company can be finding the right one that you can forge a lasting and equitable relationship with. It’s more than selecting a provider based on their programming skills or their knowledge of your industry – it’s the development company’s willingness to go that extra mile to make sure your software application is just what you need, and even better than you imagined it. At Ayoka, our team works hard to understand your business and we build trust through continuous delivery in our unique practices of agile software development. To experience a refreshing approach to customer service in enterprise application development, call us today at 817-210-4042.