Ayoka Systems CEO Eknauth Persaud Assumes Role of Regional Vice President for the NMCBN

Eknauth Ayoka CEO

Arlington, TX – November 11, 2015 – Connecting businesses with Marines, the National Marine Corps Business Network (NMCBN) names Eknauth Persaud as the central region’s vice president. Eknauth, the incumbent president of NMCBN’s Dallas chapter, is the founder and CEO of Ayoka LLC, an enterprise custom software company. Under Eknauth’s leadership, Ayoka regularly sponsors Dallas-Fort Worth NMCBN events.

The national Marine Corps Business Network hails the motto, “Marines doing business with Marines,” and they do just that. Organization members gain access to more than just information, but a vast network of real professionals who seek out Marine veterans for their exceptional knowledge and skills.

The Dallas chapter’s recent celebration of the Marine Corps 240th birthday attracted over fifty veterans. They hold monthly meet-ups on the second Wednesday of every month in Arlington, TX.

Eknauth Persaud is eager to promote the NMCBN’s mission to advance Marines in the workplace while providing an avenue for mentorship and comradery. For membership or general information on the National Marine Corps Business Network, go to You can also find Ayoka online at

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