Ayoka Provides Solutions to Maximize Productivity


In order to grow and thrive in this changing economy, your company needs to be able to perform Business Process Management to maintain Inventory control and manage product planning, perform Customer Relationship Management to retain customers and increase satisfaction, and implement business intelligence findings to provide comprehensive insights into factors that affect a company’s business.

It’s 2015 now, and 2014’s fad of out-of-the-box application solutions like Salesforce have evolved since companies have realized that there are functionalities left unused and often functionalities that are desired by a company for utilization simply don’t exist, impeding on a company’s business model and goals. An interview between The Wall Street Journal and Facebook Chief Information Officer, Timothy Campos, details the fact that companies ”can’t go buy the off-the-shelf solution that everyone else has and expect we’re going to have a better outcome. That doesn’t work for different objectives—and there are many—like building out our workforce.”

Working against poor performance in your software systems creates a bottleneck for productivity in your entire business-hindering growth. Reevaluating and implementing performance objectives like process automation and custom software will help your business to meet your performance requisites and goals, providing a structured approach. Your own custom software applications can be maintained as long as your company needs it, while licensed business software is susceptible to updates and discontinuation at the licensing entity’s discretion. To maximize your company’s productivity, your end users need to be adept in utilization of your software’s capabilities and your software needs to anticipate the needs of your business. If your company has already implemented an out-of-the-box software solution, Ayoka’s custom software solutions can be seamlessly integrated to meet your company’s unique needs. Our aid in the creation of a customized solution that is tailored by our in-house developers, based on your company’s needs, and understanding what your end users expect will improve your application’s quality while cutting costs by utilizing open source frameworks like Java, .NET, SSIS, and others! We can meet with your staff and your end users to define software development processes to ensure that your custom solution is just what you need. Building customized applications can prove to be more scalable, as our developers can project your company’s growth while maintaining program usability and security. External threats are always pressing, and out-of-the-box solutions make it easy for malicious users to anticipate and exploit your off-the-shelf software’s security flaws.

Adding mobility by building mobile applications for your enterprise will empower your company with the tools and information that will enable you to ultimately be more accessible and successful. Once performance has been optimized, your company will be ready to start implementation of enhancements like creating and monitoring reports, moving your applications to new platforms, or start to build a mobile application!