Adding Mobility to Your Web Application

Smartphones have been embraced by the 21st century and utilized to satiate an array of indulgences-from socializing and networking, to prioritizing and itemizing deadlines, to locating products and services. This power can be harnessed in multiple ways, and today many application developers are looking for ways to take advantage of this mobile power either from a web application running on the mobile platform or through running a native mobile application.When smartphones and tablets came into the market, developers had to re-evaluate the way the approached the web. We accommodated and began to build web sites that were more agile and responsive by design.

The Internet web site aesthetic quickly evolved from static websites that offer unchanging information to dynamic applications that cater to the user by utilizing information pulled from a database to create a customized user experience. In light of these new requisites, open-source frameworks have popped up to increase productivity where needed most. Java produced JQuery Mobile, and C# spawned Objective-C, in the name of mobile development. Ayoka Systems utilizes these frameworks, combined with database query languages like SQL Server Intergration Service (SSIS), to make for a seamless software integration that is much easier to manage and maintain than paper and pencil as tablet and smartphone go straight to the server-side databases.

Apple’s iOS and Android have passed milestones in user-friendliness, bringing touch screens into healthcare offices, museums, and logistics fields to capture and data into a database with mobile applications. Recent research on mobile applications in the manufacturing industry reveal that 7 out of 10 of your manufacturing peers are looking to use mobile and wireless solutions to streamline operations. In addition these same industry leaders report saving an average of 42 minutes per employee each day. Adding mobility by building mobile applications for your enterprise will empower your company with the tools and information that will enable you to ultimately be more accessible and successful. Ayoka is committed to your business’ success and we strive to create partnerships built on mutual trust and respect that will culminate as we help your business grow. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation on mobile application development for your enterprise.