Web Apps vs Websites – Dynamic vs Static!

The internet has become a conglomerate of web presences of individuals, companies, groups, and the like. The internet has quickly evolved from static websites that offer unchanging information to dynamic applications that cater to the user by utilizing information pulled from a database to create a customized user experience.

Both websites and web applications utilize front-end web development code like HTML5, CSS3 and event handling with JavaScript or JQuery, but applications take these languages and push their boundaries further with programming languages like Java and Ajax. These, combined with frameworks like the Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Ruby on Rails (RoR), .NET (C#, C, ASP), and SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS), all come together to handle user-generated content and other relevant data to keep an up-to-date application that sets it apart from static websites.

Custom web application development using the open source frameworks combined with insight between you and Ayoka’s development team ensures that your goals and needs are properly met in a timely manner! The precision that is guaranteed with utilizing frameworks coupled with custom code makes it easy to create error-proof and secure applications. Now that you’re aware of the difference between what makes a website a billboard and what brings a web presence its shine with the engaging aesthetic of a web application, Ayoka is ready to help you to the goals you have made for yourself!