What Should a Custom Application Development Company Know?

What Should a Custom Application Development Company Know?

Are you trying to figure out how to select a custom application development company? If you’ve already decided to go with a local, onshore provider, there are still a lot of unknowns to explore. As we discuss projects with prospective clients, the conversation often shifts from what they initially perceived as important into areas they hadn’t thought to inquire about.

What Does Expertise Really Look Like?

One of the most common questions clients have when interviewing potential custom software companies is, “How much experience do you have developing software in my specific industry?” This is a valid concern, and Ayoka is glad to be able to bring industry knowledge to the table in a variety of sectors. But in the end, you are the domain expert when it comes to your industry. The software development firm you choose needs to be the expert at listening to your needs, understanding your business processes, and crafting the right solution.

Breadth of competency is one strong indicator of this ability to leverage technology to support your business. A firm with a diverse team of experts in a variety of technology stacks can pick and choose the correct tools to do the job. In contrast, when the only tool a software firm has is a hammer, every project looks like a nail. Using the wrong technology stack to develop a solution inevitably leads to inefficiency, complexity, and compromises that cause problems later.

At the same time, it’s possible to go too “bleeding edge” with technology as well. While there’s a lot of exciting stuff going on with new computing languages, not every trend will endure. At Ayoka, we use modern but standardized technology to ensure that the applications we develop will be supported in the future.

What questions do you use to evaluate the expertise of a custom application development company? Call us today to get answers.