5 Highly-Anticipated Web Design Trends of 2014!

With the new year rolling through its second quarter, web design trends that were predicted last year may finally be popping up-with the promising notion that our browsers will finally be supporting them!

1. CSS3 Shapes

Flowing content around into and around any shape was implemented by Adobe. Once browser support take these new CSS3 implementations in as the year goes on, expect to see more instances of CSS Shapes popping up in your document window!

2. Video Backgrounds

HTML5s ability to play video in the document window allows users to create engaging spaces while still allowing a large degree of minimalism. They are not well-suited for mobile yet, and cross-browser/mobile compatibility is still in the works.

3. Flat Design

Flat is back, and not in the static-seeming way it was implemented with front end development back in the 90s. Big companies, like Apple and Microsoft, have definitely been noticed rolling out fresh-feeling environments without glossy buttons and content shadows-trading them in for flat and sleek aesthetics.

4. Side-Scrolling Websites

Horizontal scrolling may not catch on like wildfire, but it’s a great way to captivate your audience! There is horizontal scrolling, column-based scrolling, infinite scrolling and far more bizarre concepts aside from this showcased side-scrolling capability. While it may not be very usable by an array of industries, it definitely looks awesome and engaging!

5. 3D CSS and CSS3 Animation

Interactive 3D models have been accepted into the CSS3 family with the help of _. Imagine a realtime web environment with the ability to give you a 360 view of a product that you’ve got your eye on! CSS3 Animation is shamelessly closing the growing gap between static web pages and dynamic web applications by utilizing newly implemented UI components that will make for visually seamless transitions.