Ayoka Continues to Optimize Internet of Things

Innovative connectivity service providers like Ayoka continue to optimize Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) communications with the intent of fully integrating new technologies into our daily lives. In the wake of newfound hardware supply, evolving industry standards, globally scaled accessibility, and the bourgeoning ecosystem for native application development, Ayoka Systems has been lending a hand in the transformation of integration and connectivity ideas to realities.

Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) are readily accessible around the world and RFID has also been well-received by companies like Google and Intel who formed the RAIN Alliance. Radio-frequency Identification prioritizes the RFID and the Cloud for its ability to adeptly process multiple streams of simple events with the goal of identifying meaningful event data as important. Ayoka developed a connection and asset management application for Connectivity Technologies that utilizes their passive RFID tags and active readers inside of their data center to automate processes and manage assets in real time.

“I turned to Ayoka to develop a complex RFID and database application that we wanted to showcase as a new product at an upcoming trade show. Schedules were tight, so I needed a software development company I could trust. Ayoka made me feel comfortable, with their open, collaborative approach. More importantly, Ayoka’s highly competent development team delivered within our aggressive timeframe and budget. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a trusted advisor for enterprise-class software development.”
— Tim Hazzard, President, Connectivity Technologies, Inc.

At Ayoka, we pride ourselves on building trust in our products and services by offering reliable, secure, networks and simple connectivity while maintaining low-power requisites from devices utilized and focusing on the growth, marketing, and production of our certified products. Our long history with radio frequency identification means that we understand the existing and emerging standards in this industry and ensure that you’ll have cutting-edge tools at your disposal.  Contact Us to today for a free quote and the opportunity to learn more about the growing role of IoT and M2M in the enterprise!