Ayoka Answers the Call for DIFM in the Enterprise

Do It For Me has quickly become the call-to-action for new startups and individuals to cater to the needs of others, phasing out the fallible Do It Yourself mindset for a more functional and sound way of getting things done the right way-with your needs as priority. For software development at Ayoka, DIFM encompasses our utilization of open-source software and integration of your company’s existing applications with new and unique functionalities that your company can benefit from since they’re tailored to your needs.

Enterprises do see the benefits of switching to a more modern, cloud-based, application platform since the time and cost required to build, deploy, and maintain custom software solutions proves to cost less than working against out-of-the-box solutions. The top reasons cited for enterprises leaning toward DIFM as a goal when working towards a custom software solution include the growth of efficiency experienced by their employees, the purpose-built design of your application that will cater to your specific needs, and the ability for our developers at Ayoka to communicate and quickly give feedback, updates, and enhancements by providing continuous delivery. We focus on building a comprehensive strategy coupled with incremental testing, as they are often overlooked but are imperative. With our knowledge of cloud computing, data integration, monitoring, and reporting, you won’t have to worry about the security and maintenance of servers you’re hosted on or question the scalability of your application. Our services provide standardization and consistency while ensuring compliance with governmental regulations and corporate governance requirements. Over 1/4 of existing enterprises are already utilizing optimized applications built specifically for them and another 15% saying the transition would happen within the next five years.

Ayoka embodies the notion of Do It For Me by providing you our software with a service – rather than wading through the wide variety of software solutions available, we can build a system that can be maintained for you – and we know what good software looks like. We will take the time to listen to you, meeting with you and your employees in-person to elicit requirements and perform analysis. We enjoy taking time to help you design a scalable, secure, and functional solution for your custom business needs, and it’s important that you feel that you are a part of the process through inclusivity and communication. We prefer to work closely and collaboratively with our customers – and we provide experience with open-source or other innovative applications that are powerful enough to generate business intelligence for small business. At Ayoka, client satisfaction is our number one priority, so take advantage of DIFM and let us do the work for you – the right way! Give us a call at 817-210-4042.