Open-Source eCommerce Merger

Many traditional companies wind up in the software business-are you one of them? Moving away from legacy systems, making the transition from paper to the cloud, or an opportunity for a merger or acquisition of another company requires business process analysis and performance of technology due diligence to create an optimal solution to meet your business goals while maintaining scalability and security in your new software system. Settling for an out-of-the-box solution alone can leave a lot of functionalities to be desired. At Ayoka, we produce commercial software while utilizing open-source APIs that can be customized for enterprise applications.

To continue growth and maintain accessibility in this increasingly tech-oriented world, it’s important to build robust systems with an optimal system architecture that remains scalable and offers the best way for your users to access information, but efficiently and securely managing the flow of information across your enterprise is only one component in a successful data integration strategy that complies with industry regulations. Ayoka is an experienced technology company that can help to itemize, assess, and eliminate these types of issues while helping you understand the opportunities of updating your software systems, implementing open-source solutions, and address risks involved in the acquisition of a company so that you can make the correct evidence-based decisions based on your business intelligence.

With Ayoka’s custom application development services, we empower companies with the ability to monitor and improve the performance of their core business processes, from supply chain management systems and customer relationship management systems, to eCommerce systems used by B2B and B2C customers. We help our clients assess their existing software to discern what software technologies and infrastructure have been implemented in their business systems for software quality analysis. Companies that contribute to the open-source community build software components for scalability and security, customizing code for optimal use in light of business objectives while minimizing cost of implementation and maintenance. We also perform due diligence to provide a complete technology audit to guide managers of acquiring firms in evaluating the “IT health” and infrastructure of potential acquisition targets. This audit document will outline the “current state” as well as the “end state” of what will happen after the merger or acquisition, including the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that the M&A opportunity presents.

Ayoka takes time to help your company design a scalable, secure, and functional solution for your custom business needs. Building a comprehensive strategy coupled with incremental testing is imperative. It’s important to be a part of the process through interactivity and communication. All stakeholders should have an understanding of the scope of the project from start to finish while taking care to communicate through iterations to really help to take a project from an idea to a completed product that everyone can be proud of. Minimize your risk and call us today!