Ayoka Tackles Enterprise Need for IT Managment

Global Information Technology (IT) services are growing in demand at an annual rate of 5% with spending “estimated at $922 billion in 2013.” Morningstar’s Andrew Lange categorized the IT services market into: consulting, systems integration, IT outsourcing, business process outsourcing, software and hardware support. The necessity for the optimization of the processes that make up the business ecosystem has been the driving force behind IT services and custom solutions.

With the onset of new hardware and software technologies making their way into the enterprise, companies are having to re-evaluate their business objectives and processes, resulting in a time-consuming overhaul of your company’s current IT infrastructure. Ayoka’s consulting services lend companies the ideas of taking advantage of new, cost-effective, technologies that will benefit your business in the long run. We can assist in moving large IT infrastructures deployed in-house to off-site locations with automated backup, virtualization, failover capabilities, and on-demand capacity. With Ayoka’s help in managing your services, your organizations are free from having to incessantly worry about maintaining your growing IT infrastructure-which is, after all, a support function to your core competencies.

Lack of standardization and governance can adversely affect the performance and cost efficiency of your company’s IT architecture. Enterprise integration and technology services from Ayoka help businesses define their goals and implement enterprise-wide technologies and governance to ensure optimal performance and cost effectiveness-consolidating your seemingly disparate technologies into seamless, fully integrated systems that meet their specific business goals. Ayoka’s custom enterprise integration services utilize open source applications whenever possible to help contain costs and maximize flexibility by integrating existing assets and providing standards-based services that allow you to automate, reuse, re-purpose and share processes across your entire network regardless of client systems and languages. Integration also ensures ongoing compliance with governmental and industry-mandated regulations and streamlines workforce resources across disparate environments. New functionalities can be implemented with ease through Ayoka’s ability to offer continuous delivery, and database optimization to help the load time and alleviate the server load of your company’s software system. In addition to reducing IT costs, enterprise integrations enhance productivity and improve time-to-market of services.

IT outsourcing encompasses processes like custom application hosting and developmentdatabase management, and mobility coupled with monitoring and reporting. Allowing hardware to get older and fail, neglecting to perform regular system backups, identifying and securing holes in code, and failing to update software can all be sources of vulnerabilities. Identifying and improving these vulnerabilities will help to progress daily work performance, prevent business disruption, and see an immediate return on investment in the form of security. Many business reporting solutions can be integrated into existing systems, allowing a company to keep current systems in place while upgrading their reporting tools to better analyze the business. Reliability in your systems are improved when Ayoka can help give you detailed reporting and analysis on critical data that analyze IT and web operation service levels, resource utilization efficiency, exception reports, and operations strategies. Piece of mind, customer loyalty and retention can be gained with consistent performance and utilization of the best practices from Ayoka’s IT outsourcing services.

Ayoka offers enterprise solutions to businesses and the American software development community. Check out the solutions Ayoka has provided to solve common business problems.