The Custom Software Design Process Needs YOU

Are you willing to engage with the custom software design process? Read this first.

How interested are you in the custom software design process? If you’re a business owner, that answer is probably, “Not very.” You’d rather be running your business than thinking about lines of code. We completely understand. But we also know that the clients who get the best results from the development of a custom application are those who are engaged in the process. There are a number of ways we do things differently at Ayoka to make this an enjoyable experience for you.

  1. We fall in love with your business. Yes, no matter what product or service your business offers, we make it our mission to get excited about it too. Because we’re fascinated by how stuff works, that’s not difficult to do.
  2. We ask as many questions as you do. It feels good to be the expert in the room. At a software design meeting, you are the expert who can answer our questions about your business. We want you to teach us what you know so we can build what you need.
  3. We will push back a little. Our process involves building a lean first release that includes only what is needed. We may ask you to prove the business case for a particular feature—to yourself as much as to us. As a result, you’ll end up more confident in each design decision.
  4. We aren’t afraid to propose ideas. This is where projects get really fun. We don’t expand the scope of work to deliver more than you need. But we do propose creative ways to get things done and to include features and functions that will open up new opportunities for making your business grow and thrive.

Does that sound more interesting than you thought? Give us a call today to start collaboration on your project!